If necessity is the mother of invention, then hunger is at least the distant cousin of adventure.  We’ve aimed to experience and eat the local foods, which is great in concept but more difficult in practice since neither one of us speaks Spanish.  So we’ve been randomly picking items off the menu that sound appetizing.  Based on what, who knows?  To date, at the time of order the translation of what I’ve asked for is “something something cheese” and “something something and one Coke.” Everything (or is it every something?) has luckily been amazing so far.  And so it will continue.  For the next year, we’ll embrace the feeling that we’re spinning the wheel at Polly Anne’s Ice Cream Parlor and see where the dial lands.

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2 Comments on “Eating”

  1. 1 Laurie said at 10:26 pm on January 10th, 2009:

    I know that feeling…didn’t you guys bring a spanish dictionary? Just dont order anything with “perro” in it 😛 Means DOG.

  2. 2 Vaughan said at 3:02 am on January 14th, 2009:


    Nice reference. The wheel at Polly Ann’s. I have firsthand knowledge that the wheel is weighted.

    If you get the chance for some patacones (or tostones… fried green plaintains), eat one for this snowbound guy.

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