Quick Thanks

To our dear friends Nannette, Mark and to their extended loved ones in Diriamba,

Thank you for showing us Nicaragua in every sense; its culture, its natural beauty, its kindness and its humanity.  We didn´t know what to expect in coming here, but you´ve helped us experience your world in such a way that despite the relative short time we´ve been here and with you, we´re saddened to be leaving it but grateful.  Grateful for the sightseeing, the fiesta, the cuisine, and the overwhelming hospitality you´ve showered on us, but even more grateful for the conversations, the willingness to create shared experiences (like zip lining) and the sense and comforts of home.

We feel forever indebted to you two personally, as wellas to Diriamba and Nicaragua, for all that we have gained through our visit and we hope to repay it to you all if even in some small way.  We also hope to see you all( people and country) soon enough.

Your “Chinita y Chinito,”

Mari and Jeff

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