Day One

My first official blog entry, on our very first night on the road…and I have such a mix of emotions, I don’t know how to begin. But before I dive in, a big thank you shout out to Laurie and Vicki for their awesome job at designing and programming this blogsite and getting it up and running. Now you can get a decent night’s sleep and go back to concentrating on your real jobs and lives! We totally owe you (as does everyone else who decides they want to follow us along on this adventure).

As I have been telling anyone who has asked how the last few weeks have been, it’s been NUTS. I mean really. How do you prepare for a whole year away (refer to sidebar link for answer)? It’s funny how we had all this time to prepare and yet, when the weeks started ticking down to days, our to-do list only kept getting longer and longer. I found myself trying to pack more into each day than was actually possible, and stressing out in the process. Maybe this was a good thing, because I was too busy to actually think and process and let the enormity of this journey really sink in. Well, let me tell you that sometime between last night and tonight, the sinking in has begun. Right now my tear tally is up somewhere in the high teens. Don’t get me wrong—this is no pity party. It’s just that everything I had verbalized and rationalized (that this is not a vacation, that I won’t know the meaning of a comfort zone, all the missed birthdays, weddings, and quality time with family and friends, plus not to mention all the scary things that could happen)—they all hit like one big emotional tidal wave. I don’t know…I guess I’d been keeping them at bay, with some ebbing and flowing as the date got closer. But boy, low tide came at the airport, and high tide came while waiting at the gate (…and while taxiing the runway…and upon take-off), and I’m sure a few more to come. I am just trying to remain mindful of the fact that people learn through doing. And despite my fears and lack of experience, I am excited to see, learn, feel, and experience some of what the world has to offer and come home with a renewed perspective and appreciation for my part in it.

We arrived in Mexico City early this evening (after a delayed stopover in LA). First travel lesson learned: when announcement is made asking passengers to be bumped to another flight, act faster!! Got to hostel without a problem. Not bad digs at all.  Awesome view from balcony at twilight. Walked around and had a delicious dinner (pechuga—note: must look this up, appeared the same as a chicken taco to me) for $3 total. Yay for free wifi in lobby (not ready to be completely cut off just yet)!!

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