Singapore In Brief

Since we were only in Singapore for a day and a half, there isn’t much blog-worthy material. The city lived

Message on cartoon cat in park

Message on cartoon cat in park

up to my expectations and that was that. Clean. I could literally count the amount of litter I saw on one hand (maybe two). Not bad for a modern city in Asia. Nothing hugely surprising in the way of architecture or culture. Just a lot of polished urbanity. Sparkling shopping mall after shopping mall. Amusing signage on buses, trash cans, and other public places, kindly reminding its citizens to be kind and helpful to one another. The airport was probably the highlight, since we stayed overnight in the movie lounge on the second floor. Cushy, comfortable, relatively quiet (despite the movies), dark, and best of all….free. Also, no bugs.

What we probably enjoyed most about Singapore was that despite its lack of character, it was a refreshing reminder of things we hadn’t experienced in the last month. Western comforts and sights that under normal circumstances, we take for granted, or sometimes even try to escape. Flush toilets and toilet paper. Air conditioned buildings. Signs in English. Recycle bins. Food courts and Coffee Beans. Multi-plexes. People who actually wait in lines in an orderly fashion or for the light to cross a street.

While we made it to a temple or two and a museum, I’m still not sure what would draw people to travel here other than for business or a serious addiction to shopping. But it is definitely pretty, especially by the river and when lit up at night. The weather was similar to a nice day at home. There was a nice mix of cultures and religions from different parts of Asia. And it was pleasant and easy travel, which was what we appreciated the most, given that China is next on the list. It’s not the easiest place to travel in, and will be even more difficult considering we don’t speak the languages. We are gearing up for lots of drawing and charades ahead.

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